What is a Group Litigation Order?

A group litigation order (or GLO) is an order of a court in England and Wales, which permits a number of claims which give rise to common or related issues (of fact or law) to be managed collectively. For more information please visit the following link to The Ministry of Justice website.

What does “No Win No Fee” mean?

It means if your claim is not successful you will not be required to pay any fees whatsoever. If in the case the claim is not successful the claim funders will pay the solicitors fees and ATE insurance covers you against the other side's costs and expenses.

Who is funding the claim?

At present ITRA is funding the claim with support of its members and sponsors and has already invested over £500,000 in legal fees to investigate the various grounds for these claims.

What is ITRA’s role in the legal actions?

ITRA is not leading the cases as the claims are being brought forward by the group (timeshare owners), ITRA subsequently is acting as the claims coordinator.

Am I guaranteed to receive compensation?

Whilst the legal team are confident that this claim will be successful, as in any legal claim there is always a possibility the case will be lost, and in this case you will not be entitled to compensation.

What amount of compensation will I receive?

It is not possible to pre-calculate the exact level of compensation due to a successful claimant, as the final decision will be made by either the judge or via a settlement agreed by the group claimants.

If the case is won will I have to pay a fee?

Subject to the claim being successful you will receive 60% of the compensation awarded with the remaining 40% passed to the claim funders. There will be no other fees required to pay.

Will I be required to appear in court?

Because of the nature of a GLO there may be many thousands of claimants in any one case and therefore only the case leaders may be required to appear in court.

Will I need my own lawyer?

The case legal team are your legal team and therefore you have no requirements to have your own lawyers. However should you wish to consult your own lawyer before opting into the case you may do.

Are there other similar cases being filed against the timeshare industry?

Yes, there is a class action lawsuit filed against RCI in America - for more information click here.

How long will the claims take?

It is in everyone's interest to process the claims without delay, this being said because of the potential scale of the claims it is not possible to calculate an accurate timescale.

How do I know if I qualify?

The first legal action that we have instigated is open to all Timeshare and Points Owners who have been dissatisfied with the exchange promises made at point of sale.
Do or did, any of these issues apply to you:
* Problems with obtaining a selected balanced exchange from exchange companies
* Year on year escalating maintenance fees (way above that of inflation)
* Exorbitantly high interest rates charged by finance companies introduced by marketers
* Problems with the disposal and transfer of weeks and points.
To find out if you qualify, please click here to complete a short survey.